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By Stacy on August 7, 2018



It’s Recipe Tuesday so let’s talk pickles!


My husband decided a few years ago to start gardening, and since then, he has brought in many delicious fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy.  Just recently he started growing cucumbers for pickling and I have been enjoying turning our bounty into delicious pickles.  After trying a few recipes, I came across a Garlic Jalapeño Dill Refrigerator Pickles recipe from Butter Your Biscuit and I have been hooked since.  This recipe is very versatile, you can add more garlic, less garlic, no jalapeno, more jalapeno, whatever works for you.  I have gotten many, and I mean a lot of compliments from these pickles!  I can’t take all the credit though, Wendie over at Butter Your Biscuit really knows what she’s talking about.



And as I have mentioned many times, I like easy…the easier the better and these pickles are super easy.  And folks, these pickles taste like I have mastered the art of pickling (lol), even though I am just a beginner, haha, they are that good ya’ll.  Here’s the handy-dandy link here to this pickling recipe.  Enjoy – hopefully they will last longer in your home than they do in mine!

By Stacy on August 1, 2018



Did you know that August 1st is celebrated as the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs?  Our very own Forrest was rescued from a shelter almost 4 years ago, and I could not imagine our life without him.


So to honor this month, perhaps consider doing at least one of the following:


1. Ask for birthday donations instead of gifts: Ask your friends and family to give donations to their local animal shelter instead of birthday presents, maybe you can raise enough money to buy warm beds for dogs, or even some play toys!  Even if it’s not your birthday, you can still ask your friends and family to help with donations for your local animal shelter, I know your donations would be greatly appreciated!


2. Volunteer at your local animal shelter: If you find a shelter that will let you volunteer, you can walk dogs, clean up after the animals, refill water bowls, and give out toys and treats. Even just being there to pet cats and scratch dogs behind the ears will help them feel less lonely.


3. Adopt animals from shelters: Instead of buying them from pet stores or breeders, adopt animals from local shelters.  There are so many animals sitting in shelters just waiting for their forever home!


4. Foster an animal:  There are so many animals in need of a safe temporary place to hang out while they recover from an illness or injury, and some puppies and kittens need a quiet place to grow, away from the busy animal shelter. If you can commit your time and resources to foster an animal, you’ll be helping two animals—the one you take into your home and another one who will get a place in the shelter.


This is a picture of our dog Forrest – we took this picture when we first brought him home from the shelter, almost 4 years ago:



And here is a picture of Forrest now:


By Stacy on July 31, 2018

Image may contain: food



It’s recipe Tuesday so I want to talk about Chicken a la King…


When I think of comfort food, I think of Chicken a la King.  My dad, who rarely cooks (lol), would make Chicken a la King for us and it was so good, a real treat indeed.  As we got older, my mom would keep the Chicken a la King that came in a can on hand so that we could make ourselves a quick meal if needed, my sister and myself loved it…even from a can, haha!  Just recently, I had a craving for Chicken a la King, and when I asked my dad for his recipe, he could not remember how he made it, so I searched for a recipe and found one that sounded scrumptious and similar to what I grew up eating.  I found a recipe that looked like it was worth trying over at SpendWithPennies, which offers easy homecooked comfort meal recipes.



Now don’t get me wrong, I still think Chicken a la King from a can is good (don’t judge me, lol), but this recipe is so much better.  As you can see from my first photo above, I followed Holly’s suggestion (from over at SpendWithPennies) and used the puff pastry instead of the toast that I grew up using and I am so glad that I did, it took the Chicken a la King to a whole other level, ya’ll.  My local grocery store sells the puff pastry shells (located in the frozen desert isle) and they worked perfect…any way to make cooking easier, I am all for it!

Click here to see the recipe that I made.  My whole family loved this meal, even my very picky eater asked for seconds.  And I love that it’s done is the slow cooker because it’s too hot here in Texas to be using the oven.  When I made this, I added 1 tablespoon of lemon juice because the very original recipe calls for lemon juice, and my dad remembers using lemon juice in his recipe as well.  Click here to read the history of this recipe and to see the original recipe that started it all.


I hope ya’ll enjoy it!!

By Stacy on July 30, 2018



My FREE Heart Paw Keychain arrived in the mail last Friday!  I posted about this freebie offer on 7/22, you can see the post here (Still available!).  The quality is great and I am impressed with how quickly they sent me this keychain!


So if you signed up for this freebie, it should be on its way if you have not already received it!

By Stacy on July 27, 2018



Did you sign up for the FREE Made in Nature Organic Snack product coupon that I have posted right here (sorry, this offer is expired) on  If so, it should be on its way if you have not already received it!  I am not sure if you can tell from the photo above, but my husband opened the package and ate some of the Figgypops before I could take a picture of them, lol – it’s a good thing he’s cute.


I found this product at Walmart, but unfortunately, my local Walmart did not have a big selection of Made in Nature products so I could not take advantage of the other high-value coupons that were also sent to me.  I would have really liked to try the Coconut Chips.  To find where these products are sold near you, click here.

By Stacy on July 25, 2018



Did you sign up for the FREE Harley Davidson Racing Stickers that I posted back on July 5th?  You can click here to view the post and to sign up for the free stickers.  My stickers arrived yesterday, so if you signed up for them, they should be on their way to you if you have not already received them.


I received 5 different stickers, all are of great quality and a nice size!  As a homeschool mom, free stickers excite me, lol.  I use stickers as a reward during our class time, each sticker represents 1 point and my son can cash in his points for a special prize.  It’s a win/win for both of us.

By Stacy on July 24, 2018


So I baked this cake last week. Baking is not something I am very good at, haha! But I wanted to try this lemon zucchini cake recipe from MomOnTimeout. The cake turned out perfectly, and although we think the cake is good, the zucchini gives it an interesting flavor that makes it different from what we are used to. It’s like you can taste the zucchini with your first bite but that’s okay because the cake is really delicious – so you keep eating it!



I really liked the simplicity of the ingredients, and I was shocked that no butter was used in this recipe…which made my thighs rejoice!!  And for those who are lactose intolerant, like my son, this recipe uses Almond milk!  But most importantly, this recipe is easy, which is really important to this non-baker haha!



I doubled the recipe so I could make a separate cake for my parents, which they enjoyed as well.  I just divided the batter into two loaf pans evenly and baked them at the same time.  Both cakes did not last longer than 2 days, ya’ll.



Here is the link to this scrumptious cake:  Lemon Zucchini Cake.  Try it.  And even if you slightly overbake the cake like I did, it’s still really good!

By Stacy on July 24, 2018



Good morning friends!  This morning, I am drinking my coffee from one of my new Huskee cups!  If you followed me over from Shop4freebies, you might recall a post that I made telling you how to get your very own free Huskee Cups.  If you signed up for that offer, your cups should be on their way if you have not already received them.  I posted that offer about a year ago I believe, unfortunately, I can’t check because Shop4freebies is no longer an active site.  And I am sorry to say, this offer is no longer available, but if you like these cups and want to try them, I will provide a link to the Huskee Cup website.


I really like the concept of these cups, they are made with recycled coffee husks, and the design of the cups makes them even more unique.  The cups are dishwasher-safe, BPA free,  stackable (which I LOVE), and designed to be easy to clean and with comfort in mind.



One of the few things that stood out for me was the smell, which was not unpleasant, just different.  The smell somewhat reminds me of Patchouli, and I love the smell of Patchouli, just not in my coffee cup.  Once you have coffee in your cup though, the smell starts to fade and all your left with is the glorious smell and taste of coffee.  And my last issue, this cup is not microwavable!  If your a mom, or really busy in the mornings, you know how important microwavable coffee cups are!


But, none of these issues are deal breakers for me, the smell fades, does not affect the taste of coffee and I am ok with reheating my coffee in another container if needed.  So I still LOVE these cups!  I think the uniqueness and the concept of the cups are what pulls me in.  Drinking coffee from a cup that was made from recycled coffee bean husks just seems cool to me, and makes me want to invite my friends over to drink coffee form my cool coffee cups…haha!!


I want to point out that these opinions are my own.  Huskee Cup is in no way compensating me for my views.  All they did was send me free cups, with no strings attached.


Want to purchase your very own, super cool recycled coffee bean husk cups, or just want to learn more about Huskee Cups?  Click here.



By Stacy on July 13, 2018



My latest batch of PINCHme samples arrived in the mail on Friday!  This latest box included Starbucks K-Cup samples, Power Beets drink mix sample, Nexcare Bandaids, and two Vagisil samples as well as various coupons.


The next round of FREE Samples via PINCHme will be on July 17th, so make sure you are ready!  If you are not a member of PINCHme, to sign up, you must complete a short survey, and verify your account via text message (to make sure everyone has only one account).  But believe me when I say it’s worth it, as I have gotten many samples via PINCHme!

By Stacy on July 13, 2018



Here is a great way to snag a FREE Ring Doorbell kit!  Simply download the FREE Ring app and sign up for the FREE Crime and Safety Alerts via Neighborhood Watch PLUS and you will be able to get $10 in credits!  Even better, each time one of your friends signs up for the free app using your unique link, you will get $10 in credit…which means awesome freebies for you!


To get started, simply use this link to download the free Ring app, then sign up for a FREE account by clicking on “The Neighborhood Watch“, NOT “I have a ring product”.  You will be prompted to enter your address to join a neighborhood community of watchers. Next, the $10 credit alert will pop up along with your personalized link. Make sure to Copy/Paste and save it immediately and start sharing!


Tell your friends about the app and you will get an additional $10 credit for each friend that downloads the app when they go through your unique link.  Then you can redeem the credits for FREE Ring products, like the doorbell!


Once you get $100 credit (you only need 9 friends to sign up!), go to the website and sign in to your Ring account, your credits will appear. Choose the $99 Ring doorbell, you will be able to choose your color preference, your credits will make this item completely FREE! Shipping will also be free!


The Neighbors app and the Ring website are two different things but they “link” your accounts once you sign in with both. There is NO limit to the number of $10 credits you can earn, so you could get the ring doorbell, a camera with lights, etc.


You do not need a ring doorbell to download the app.  Whenever someone in your area posts a suspicious incident, you will get an alert via the app so you always know what’s going on in your neighborhood.  Ring will keep you up-to-date with crime and safety alerts from your neighbors.


It’s as simple as that folks!  Feel free to share your links in the comments section to help each other out! is a cheerful and rewarding blog devoted to helping you save your hard earned money. Together, we will explore the best deals that will help us save more, spend less...and have fun doing it! So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable and let the saving begin!

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