My Huskee Cups Arrived!

By on July 24, 2018



Good morning friends!  This morning, I am drinking my coffee from one of my new Huskee cups!  If you followed me over from Shop4freebies, you might recall a post that I made telling you how to get your very own free Huskee Cups.  If you signed up for that offer, your cups should be on their way if you have not already received them.  I posted that offer about a year ago I believe, unfortunately, I can’t check because Shop4freebies is no longer an active site.  And I am sorry to say, this offer is no longer available, but if you like these cups and want to try them, I will provide a link to the Huskee Cup website.


I really like the concept of these cups, they are made with recycled coffee husks, and the design of the cups makes them even more unique.  The cups are dishwasher-safe, BPA free,  stackable (which I LOVE), and designed to be easy to clean and with comfort in mind.



One of the few things that stood out for me was the smell, which was not unpleasant, just different.  The smell somewhat reminds me of Patchouli, and I love the smell of Patchouli, just not in my coffee cup.  Once you have coffee in your cup though, the smell starts to fade and all your left with is the glorious smell and taste of coffee.  And my last issue, this cup is not microwavable!  If your a mom, or really busy in the mornings, you know how important microwavable coffee cups are!


But, none of these issues are deal breakers for me, the smell fades, does not affect the taste of coffee and I am ok with reheating my coffee in another container if needed.  So I still LOVE these cups!  I think the uniqueness and the concept of the cups are what pulls me in.  Drinking coffee from a cup that was made from recycled coffee bean husks just seems cool to me, and makes me want to invite my friends over to drink coffee form my cool coffee cups…haha!!


I want to point out that these opinions are my own.  Huskee Cup is in no way compensating me for my views.  All they did was send me free cups, with no strings attached.


Want to purchase your very own, super cool recycled coffee bean husk cups, or just want to learn more about Huskee Cups?  Click here.



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