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By alexbet on June 20, 2011



Reader Ashlee emailed me about a recent shopping trip that she went on and used her coupons to receive awesome savings!  Here’s part of what Ashlee had to say:


I’ve always heard couponing will save you money but I always threw
the coupons in the trash. I purchased a binder and some baseball card holders and went
that next Sunday to get all the local papers and began clipping! To make it
easier i organized my coupons by category and frozen: ice cream, pizza etc. I waited about two weeks so I had an assortment of coupons. I checked all the local advertisements in the paper. Since all the stores are so close I knew even if i had to go to the store across the street if the deal was worth it I was going to do it. I came up with my lists and placed all the coupons in an envelope with a list and the cost of the items from the sales paper. My first trip was for groceries and HBA items (make up, deodorant, shampoo etc.) I purchased a total of 289 items totaling $446.63. I used 128 coupons and saved $156.82. My final balance was $289.81! That was a huge savings for my first time couponing and I’ve been couponing since! 
Also since then I did my “extreme couponing” 2 other times. I saved 51% on one ticket and 84% on the other! I lOVE COUPONS!


That’s amazing Ashlee!  I bet your NEVER going to throw a coupon in the trash again!!!  Thanks so much for sharing your savings with us!  Look for an email coming soon from me with your $10.00 Amazon E-Card for sharing your story with Hersavings!

*I will be posting an image of Ashlee’s receipt soon! is a cheerful and rewarding blog devoted to helping you save your hard earned money. Together, we will explore the best deals that will help us save more, spend less...and have fun doing it! So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable and let the saving begin!

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